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and what it means to c+l...

At C+L, we strive to be the center of a web of small businesses that we love! We work together with our wholesale suppliers to create a community we are so proud of. 

We try to keep our ingredients as local, and as in-season, as possible.


Think about fresh Ontario strawberries in August vs frozen strawberries year round. EVERYTHING about the fresh strawbs is superior! And in using local, in season produce, we are able to get that deliciousness while also supporting our local Ontario farmers.


As a small biz, we rely on and understand the importance of local love - as we experience it first hand! When we buy local, that money is going directly into our community - helping us all to thrive. As people, and as a business, we understand our responsibility to continue to support other small businesses, it’s better for us, for the environment, and for our community together!




Tavistock, Ontario

Oak Manor began in 1943 as a dairy farm. In 1975, they transitioned their land into the flour milling operation it is today! Oak Manor is Canada's first organic mill. They focus on local, quality, and relationships with their growers and suppliers. 

Oak Manor Flour is an important part of our bakery as we wouldn't be able to accomplish any of our baking without it! We get out flour, barley, oats, wheat bran from Oak Manor.

Click here for Oak Manor's website!



Caledonia, Ontario

VanGro farms is a family owned and operated farm between Caledonia and Brantford on Highway 54. They raise and sell livestock and eggs. The egg operation is done by the two youngest VanGrove’s - Austyn and Felicity, who are using the money from their egg sales to fund their future educations!

VanGro Eggs are the foundation for all our baking - sweet + savoury.

Click here for VanGro's Facebook page!

Fenwood-Farms-Logo (1).png


Ancaster, Ontario

Happy Chickens make for happy Chicken Pot pies!

Organic – is the purest form. Fenwood's chickens are only fed organic grains. They are also Antibiotic Free. They are fed vitamin herbs and probiotics to help build their immune systems. The birds have three times the space to roam than the traditional birds are given making for a happier environment to grow.

Fenwood Chicken makes an appearance in our Classic Chicken Pot Pies, Savoury Sandwiches and Lunches.

Click here for Fenwood Farm's website!



Simcoe, Ontario

Jensen Cheese is a family-run business operating in Southwestern Ontario, with a second location in Eastern Ontario, that operates under the name of The Wilton Cheese Factory.  The Jensen family takes pride in offering quality artisanal products and friendly services since 1925. Eric Jensen, the owner and president of Jensen Limited took over for his father Arne and is currently preparing his son Scott to be the next president. Scott is the third generation of Jensen Cheese.

Jensen Cheddar is used in our savoury items, including our famous Jensen Cheddar Bread, Savoury scones, soups, salads and pizza buns.

Click here for Jensen Cheese's website!



Hagersville, Ontario

Hewitt’s Dairy first began in 1887 when James Hewitt delivered milk to the people of Hagersville. Everyone’s favourite spot for ice-cream - Hewitt’s Dairy Bar - opened in 1962. Hewitt’s is proudly owned by Canadian dairy farmers and remains committed to its rural Ontario legacy. All of Hewitt’s dairy is provided by local Ontario dairy farmers. 

Dairy can be found in all the items we bake at the bakery. Nothing is more amazing than 35% whip cream on a Cream Pie - we won't settle for anything less than the real thing!

Click here for Hewitt's website!



Beamsville, Ontario

Eborall Farms was previously known as Bentford Orchards. Their farm is located in Beamsville, Ontario and they are proudly owned and operated since 1908. Eborall Farms are proud members of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and the Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association. You can find them at the Hamilton Farmer's Market!

You'll find Eborall produce in our apples pies, sweet donuts, pop tarts, and crumbles to name a few items. Seasonally, Strawberries by the ton make their way into our Summer Sweets!

Click here for Eborall's website!




Hamilton Farmer's Market

Jepson’s Fresh Meats was established in the 20’s. Selling local farm-raised beef and pork. You will get the best meat and the best service from Jepson’s Fresh Meats. Located at the mall entrance doors on the upper level of the Hamilton Farmers’ Market. Specializing in beef and pork cuts.

Pulled Pork Pies in the Summer and Beef + Ale Pies in the winter highlight Jepson's meats perfectly.

Click here for Jepson's website!



Hamilton, Ontario

Humble Bee Inc is a partnership between Luc Peters and Dan Douma, founded in 2013. They are primarily urban beekeepers, managing hundreds of hives at over 30 locations in the greater Hamilton area, including hives at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton Port Authority, McMaster University and Mohawk College and roof top hives at the Mustard Seed and the Cotton Factory.

Humble Bee’s philosophy is to put the needs of the bees first, with the understanding that maintaining healthy, thriving colonies is in the best interests of both the bees and the beekeeper. Their colonies are managed without the use of antibiotics or synthetic miticides, and they select for gentle, disease-resistant and hygienic stock.

Sweet honey makes an appearance in our pies - especially our Salty Honey!

Click here for Humble Bee's website!



Hamilton, Ontario

VIntage sources their green coffee transparently, this is vital to ensuring that the coffees they are sourcing have been grown and processed ethically and responsibly, they appreciate the transparency in knowing everything they can about the coffees they roast, so that they can fully appreciate the unique flavour characteristics of each coffee. Whenever possible, they seek to establish sustainable, long-term relationships with the farmers that produce the coffee they buy.

Vintage roasts their coffee with intentionality and they seek to highlight the best flavours in every single coffee they roast, bringing out the unique flavours each coffee has to offer. 

C+L proudly serves Penachi Roast as drip and offers bags of Vintage in store.

Click here for Vintage Coffee Roaster's website!



Hamilton, Ontario

All our outdoor spaces are utilized to grow greens, tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs...not to mention our inheritance of a massive growth of rhubarb and mint that we maintained since purchasing the house in 2008. All our gardens are harvested and used to create sweet and savoury goods - we even use some of the herbs in our seasonal drinks! 




Woodstock, Ontario

Husband and wife duo creating in wood and ceramics, living in Rural Ontario.  One-of-a-kind pieces that will soon become your favourite pieces!

PFHco on Etsy




Mind Your Bees is a Hamilton made zero waste eco friendly food storage alternative - the new kitchen essential. These beeswax food wraps products are beautifully handmade, easy to use  and most importantly reduce food and plastic waste. You will notice a big difference in how long food keeps when stored in MYB wraps.  It is both protected and can breathe. 

Mind Your Bees Wraps




Jenna creates unique drawings that focus on cute and strange characters, the outdoors, travel, love and other weird and wonderful things. All of her doodle-style works are hand-drawn with ink and then scanned into my computer where they are then coloured in photoshop to make prints, cards, postcards, buttons and magnets.

The painting styled works are originally done on watercolour board with tea staining, ink and acrylic paint. Similarly, she scans the artwork and transfers it onto prints, cards, postcards, etc.

Home | jennasdoodles



Hamilton, Ontario

Our employees are a very talented and creative group! To give our past + present another opportunity to expand their audience and share their creativity, we have an online Loafer Shop featuring their work - featuring their handmade jewelry, solid perfumes, and essential oil diffusers!

Find their offerings on our Online Shop



Hamilton, Ontario

Wax and Fire Co. was created out of a passion for scents that are unique, beautiful and convey feelings of feeling of peace, calm, love, joy and nostalgia. They believe strongly in using only clean burning soy wax, lead free cotton wicks and high quality, phthalate free scents, including some essential oils. They also proudly create a Zero Waste product, using only reusable glass vessels for our candles which not only keeps our landfills free of garbage but also enhances your space. 

We worked with Ella, the owner + creator of Wax and Fire to create a C+L custom candle - the most delicious scented Ginger Crinkle Candle. 

Visit their site Wax and Fire Co.



Hamilton, Ontario

Dawson's Hot Sauce is a family owned/operated company based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We pride ourselves in offering unique, high quality sauces with the right balance of heat and flavour. Since 2013, founder Brodie Dawson has been crafting our award winning sauces with the family name behind him. Join the Dawson family today and make our sauce the new staple in your household!

Visit their site Dawson's Hot Sauce




Hamilton, Ontario

Located in the heart of Hamilton's Internation Village, Cafe Oranje provides an atmosphere that focuses on delicious, locally sourced coffee + baked goods in a warm, friendly contemporary Euro-styled coffee house. 

Each week, we send over a slab of our infamous, deliciously vegan, PB Crunch Bars. 

Check out Cafe Oranje here!



Hamilton, Ontario

Prep'd Fresh's mission is to help people spend more time on the things that truly matter. By offering affordable, ready to eat meals delivered right to your door, Prep’d Fresh empowers people to live their best possible lives every single day. Their healthy meals will ensure that you have the required energy to take on anything that life throws your way. With a seamless online ordering process and free weekly delivery, customers don’t have to worry about having enough time to cook anymore.

Each week, we offer three delicious menu options - including cookies, pies, + soups - to be included in your Prep'd Fresh delivery!

Prep'd Fresh's website

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