and what it means to c+l...

At C+L, we prioritize organic and fair trade practices when it comes to sourcing ingredients. If we can't find organic, we will focus on local suppliers. 

We take pride in being able to educate ourselves and our customers with the importance of local sourcing - both for our economy, and for our health. 

The health and well being of our employees is also at the top of our list. Creating an environment which is safe and nurtures 



Butter is often a staple in delicious, rich baked goods. Whether it's our all-butter flakey pie pastry, or the whipped cream topping on your favourite cream pie or latte. we don't skimp out when it comes to the good stuff.

Check out our LOCAL for all the deets on our fresh ingredients


We source our ingredients as organically as possible - meaning less chemical intervention, such as pesticides or added preservatives. As this might shorten the lifespan of our daily freshly baked goods, it also ensures a higher quality, and healthier, product. At the end of the day, it won't matter that our cinnamon buns might only last a few days - they'll be enjoyed long before that anyways!


As we source locally, we ensure the best of the best local produce - straight from our friends at Eborall Farms, the Hamilton Farmer's Market, + more! Check out on page on LOCAL to learn about our sourcing. 


When it comes to the most delicious part of our bakery, we don't mess around with extracts or flavouring - we give you the real thing! Whether that be the fresh banana cream in your pies or the tang in your lime meringue - we rely on the natural flavours of your fav treats!

Vanilla is in almost all our recipes and we only use real vanilla and/or real vanilla paste. It may be quite pricey at this time for real vanilla, but we believe you can taste the difference!



We believe a small business should be about creating meaningful employment, creating a space that allows for creativity and creating an awesome team within a dynamic atmosphere. 

Employees are truly the main ingredient!

Creating, nurturing, encouraging and sharing in our Loafer's successes learning and encouraging growth with any misses; this is what drives C+L daily. As living wage employers, we strive to build an in house culture where work/life balance is most important...all while baking all the fromscratch delicious : )