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and what it means to c+l...

Last but not least, we are DELICIOUS.


At C+L we have a passion for delicious food + an openness to new food experiences. Everytime we bake, we should be thinking, “This is going to taste amazing.” Our standards for baked goods are HIGH, and every new product at C+L goes through a rigorous process of taste testing throughout our entire staff until we find the perfect balance of flavours and are blown away by it's appearance!




Whether it's our ingredients, the retail goods on our shelves, or our business partnerships, supporting our local economy is one of our core values as a company. Check out our LOCAL page for all deets on some of our local sources for ingredients, retail goods, + more!



Whether it be in our C+L Homemade Cream Eggs or atop your favourite chocolate cake, we only use the best quality Callebaut Chocolate. We hand temper chocolate and share a deep passion for the rewards from this timely process.

Callebaut Chocolate is a Belgian couverture chocolate manufacturer. Callebaut chocolate is roasted wholebean, as it was originally done over 100 years ago. This technique allows the preservation of all the flavours and aromatic oils within the cocoa hust and fully releases them in the chocolate. 811 of 823 of Callebaut chocolatier, Octaaf Callebaut's chocolate recipes from 1850 are still produced today!

In May 2012 Callebaut was Belgium's first chocolate brand to shift to sustainably grown cocoa for all its Finest Belgian Chocolate recipes. The launch of Callebaut's Growing Great Chocolate program was aimed at making cocoa cultivation a sustainable source of income for West African farmers and have a positive impact on farmer livelihoods.

You can find delicious + rich Callebaut chocolate in our brownies, cakes, Bits+Bites chocolates, + so much more!



Flour, butter, dairy, sugar, eggs, + vanilla are just a few of the essential ingredients in our kitchen. Not only do we source locally, we source the best of the best - allowing us to create the most delicious treats!

We source our organic flours + oats from Oak Manor - the first organic mill in Canada!

Our dairy comes from our friends at Hewitt's - supporting our local Ontario farmers

We only use the best, purest forms of vanilla in our baking - even though it is EXPENSIVE!

Our eggs, from VanGro Farms, are sold to our by two little sisters who are using their chickens to save for their futures

You can find more details about each of our friends + business suppliers on our LOCAL page






Our kitchen, baking, and cake crew have all gone through intensive schooling + training to create the most delicious foods! We hire apprentices and offer education to co-operative placements to help shape creative and skilled bakers + makers. 

Our Front of House staff ensure our customers feel the warmth + love that goes into this business. Not only does FOH create specialty drinks + serve your favs, they extend the warmth + love that we feel, to you, our customers - creating lasting and friendly customer relationships.

Our Administrative and Maintenance staff ensure that our day-to-day functions properly - answering phones, fixing leaky sinks, running errands - whatever it takes to maintain the daily flow.

It's a little different this 2020, but we are still thriving and enjoying the time spent with our smaller c+l fam!

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