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and what it means to c+l...

We have a responsibility to provide the highest quality treats + eats, while creating a stimulating, healthy work environment for our employees, maintaining local relationships, and doing our part in minimizing our carbon footprint. 

We use the highest quality ingredients from local farms and wholesalers to create our delicious eats - prioritizing on organic and fair trade. Check out LOCAL for more details.

We maintain our healthy + happy workplace by creating open communication amongst employees, and encouraging creativity for our employees

through their daily baking + making. 

Our impact on the planet is very important in all of our day-to-day activities. We reuse as much packaging as we can, minimize single use items, recycle constantly, and have 10+ full sized Green Bin containers. 




To avoid creating wasted product, time, and energy - we bake all our delicious creations in small, handmade batches. Not only does this approach ensure the highest quality treats, we save time + energy by not having leftover goods at the end of the day. 



We pride ourselves in keeping up to date in our local Hamilton Recycling System - how to recycle, and what can and cannot be recycled. 

Click here to search what goes where!

We also <3 compost!! We have at least 2 compost bins on each floor of the building, with a total of at least 12 bins that go out  to the street each week - ensuring that green bin goods do not end up in the garbage. 



Instead of throwing away deliciousness - we discount products that don't meet our high standard of baked goods (whether that be in appearance or taste), or donate them to staff + local shelters throughout the city.

Any over produced product is either repurposed into another product (anyone remember the Cookie Monster Snack Cake?), or donated to staff + local shelters throughout the city. 



We give our Bakers + Makers creative freedom. Essentially, we stock the fridge and we use it all! Whether it be a new soup Erin has created, a new scone flavour Kate is testing out, or the Mint Lime Chillaxer Drink that Daniella invented - nothing in our fridge goes to waste!



Pre-COVID, we were looking into zero waste packaging. We had a Jar Return System for soup jars, and a discount given to those who bring in their own coffee cups or reusable containers. Obviously, this isn't possible during these times, but we can't wait to get back to this practice + to implement new procedures to further reduce any single use waste!



From the beginning, we always have had a Zero budget for advertising. Instead, we organically told stories worth telling and spread our stories through outlets that way. With this budget, we have focused on donating monthly to different initiatives, mainly focusing on Children's initiatives

Donating to FOOD4KIDS -providing lunches.

As well as educational events and fundraisers for Children.

If any food remains after the day, we donate all goods to the local Good Shepherd or Hamilton WYCA.



When creating C+L, Josie+Nickey's main priorities were creating delicious food, while ensuring a safe, happy, creative work space for their employees. 

Living Wage was one of Josie+Nickey's goals that we were able to reach ahead of schedule! C+L is proud to have been a LIVING WAGE employer since 2015! Each city has it's own calculated Living Wage - the cost of living a fulfilled lifestyle that extends beyond basic living expenses. At C+L, we believe in work/life balance - and we have SEEN the difference that earning a livable wage has created in our employees. Not only does having a Living Wage benefit our employee's personal lives - we have seen less turnover, higher productivity, and more! When an employee is valued + appreciated, the entire company benefits. 

Creating, nurturing, encouraging and sharing in our Loafer's successes learning and encouraging growth with any misses; this is what drives C+L daily. 

Each of our employees plays a special role in C+L - whether that be our baker's unique recipe development, our barista's flare for creating meaningful customer relationships, or our gumpaste artist's special artistic touch. We function as a whole and each individual is a vital part of our working family.

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